Altenesol LNG Colombia S.A.S. Allies With Shona Energy to Supply Natural Gas for Nataly 1

Source: Altenesol, LLC
Date: Oct. 11, 2012

ORLANDO, Fla., Oct. 11, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IAHL Corporation (Other OTC:IAHL) is pleased to announce that their subsidiary, Altenesol LNG Colombia S.A.S., has entered into a letter of intent (“LOI”) with Geoproduction Oil and Gas Company of Colombia a wholly-owned subsidiary of Shona  Energy Company Inc. for the supply of natural gas to the Nataly 1 LNG Plant. A definitive agreement is anticipated to be signed in the 4th quarter, upon completion of certain milestones, and would replace the LOI.

Pursuant to the LOI, Geoproduction will supply up to 17 million standard cubic feet of natural gas per day under a ten year take or pay contract with option to extend the supply contract for an additional five years.  The starting price will be determined in the definitive agreement but the starting price is expected to be within a range of $4.50 and $5.25 per million BTU. The approximate value of the proposed contract is $260 million for the ten year period; exact amount will depend on the final agreed price.  All of the numbers are in U.S dollars.

“IAHL is committed to growing the use of liquefied natural gas (“LNG”), which is a more cost-effective and cleaner fuel, in Colombia. The targeted market for the LNG is the residential sector particularly in areas where there is no connection to the gas pipelines. Also, the LNG is expected to be used in the heavy duty transportation sector where LNG will replace diesel fuel oil (DFO). These efforts will significantly minimize the green gas emissions and directly contribute to the elimination of CO2 emissions. A portion of the natural gas purchased from Shona will be used to produce the plant’s electricity, which will lower the production costs by about approximately $7.5M per year compared to purchasing the electricity from the local utility company. The Nataly 1 plant is projected to generate about $65M per year in revenue or $650M over the 10 year contract period. IAHL will generate additional revenues in its Colombian subsidiary from the distribution of the LNG business and the regasification business in the amount of $53 million and $9.7 million, respectively, over the 10 year contract period. We expect that Nataly 1 will be followed by a total of 5 plants in Colombia within the next 7 years,” said Nelson De La Nuez, CEO of IAHL.

We thank the shareholders for their patience and continued support. Our goals and expectations are continually scrutinized to ensure no changes occur to our share structure.  We are in the process of acquiring the land where the Nataly 1 plant will be located, completion of the FEED study and the project financing. The financing is expected to be completed in Altenesol LNG Colombia S.A.S. and therefore will not dilute our existing shareholders. Our longer term goal is to seek a listing on a larger North American exchange. Feel free to visit our website at:

Shona is an international oil and gas exploration, development and production company with a focus on South America with assets in Colombia and Peru. The common shares of Shona trade on the TSX venture exchange under SHO.V and the OTCQX under SHOAF.  More information on Shona can be found at

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Altenesol LNG Colombia S.A.S. Signs Engagement Contract With BOLSA Y RENTA S.A and Mountainview Capital Corporation for Private Placement of Equity and Debt in Colombia for up to 68 Million Dollars

Source: Altenesol, LLC
Date: July 26, 2012 10:00 ET
ORLANDO, Fla., July 26, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IAHL Corporation (Other OTC:IAHL.PK) — We are pleased to announce that Altenesol LNG Colombia S.A.S., a Colombian based subsidiary of Altenesol Colombia S.A.S., a subsidiary of IAHL Corporation, has signed an Engagement Contract with BOLSA Y RENTA (“BYR”) investment banking ( and Mountainview Capital Corporation (“MVC”) of Canada ( BYR is one of the leading Colombian brokerages with more than US$2.5 billion in assets under management and in June 2012, BTG Pactual (“BTGP”) (, Brazil’s leading investment bank, announced the acquisition of BYR, which remains subject to regulatory approval. The BYR and MVC team will organize a syndicate of agents and will be completing all the required regulatory and due diligence items needed to complete the financing. “We are excited about working with Altenesol to bring the LNG technology to Colombia. Together this will make a significant benefit for the Colombian people as an alternative green fuel which will be available to replace diesel and CNG, while we can present an interesting investing opportunity to some investors,” said Jorge A. Tabares, Vice President Investment Banking, BYR.

No changes to IAHL’s shareholders structure will occur to complete the financing as Colombian investors will own part of Altenesol LNG Colombia S.A.S. (the Company) while Altenesol Colombia S.A.S will maintain majority control of the Company.  “We are aligning ourselves with financially-sound, experienced companies in the alternative energy sector who have the funding and experience to handle our growth. This step was crucial to solidify our balance sheets for a future up list,” said Nelson De La Nuez, President & CEO, IAHL Corporation. The closing date of the financing is expected by fourth quarter 2012.  Equity and Debt funds are expected to be held in an escrow account to be disbursed by achieving certain milestones during the LNG project ensuring transparency for everyone.

Next in our path is converting the signed letters of intent to contracts with the LNG off-takers and gas supplier. Each off-taker has the financial strength to support the ten years take-or-pay contract. Completion of the FEED study is underway and will determine the LNG project (Nataly I) cost within +/-3% accuracy. “This is a historic day for our company and shareholders. Our future growth will be accelerated by the solid foundation we are creating,” said Nelson De La Nuez.

We thank the shareholders for their patience and continued support. Confidentiality agreements and LOIs are in place and more details will be released when contractual agreements are signed. Feel free to e-mail questions to our Investor Relations at

This press release does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale. This press release contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.


IAHL Acquires TransCryogen — Core Team Strengthens/Diversifies

Source: Altenesol, LLC
Date: May 16, 2012 10:00 ET
ORLANDO, Fla., May 16, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IAHL Corporation (Other OTC:IAHL.PK) is pleased to announce its merger with TransCryogen, LLC (A cryogenics transportation and logistics company – TransCryogen and Altenesol have been working together as partners where TransCryogen supplied the transportation and logistics for the LNG to be produced by Altenesol’s Colombian plant. “Our companies have worked well together and complement each other. Joining together was the logical step, allowing us to give our customers broader products and services across our respective markets,” commented Stuart Jara CEO of TransCryogen ( who will join the IAHL Board-of-Directors. “The Colombia LNG project is one of the most compelling projects I’ve seen in my career and I am excited to be a part of it,” added Stuart. “Stuart brings a wealth of international corporate experience having run several businesses from mid-market size company to a $1 billion operation. We are very excited about what he brings to our team as we move to the LNG production phase of our operation. TransCryogen brings another substantial revenue stream to IAHL, which will add value and diversification for our shareholders,” said Nelson De La Nuez, CEO of IAHL. No dilution or changes to our share structure was needed to complete this transaction. 

Mr. De La Nuez returned on April 26, 2012 from Colombia having multiple meetings with Colombian officials and the LNG off-take customers. “This was a very successful trip as the demand for our LNG far exceeds the 180,000 GPD plant capacity of Nataly 1(LNG Plant one). Meaning that Nataly 2 should follow quickly and the steps to make that a reality are already in motion. Our goal is to have 4 to 5 plants within the next 7 years,” concluded Nelson De La Nuez.

On April 24, 2012 Altenesol met with the Ministry of Mines and Energy (Dr. Tomas Gonzalez Estrada, Vice-minister of Energy) and again our project was praised for its keen ability to provide solutions that bring inexpensive energy to the market. “We are very pleased with the effort Altenesol is making in Colombia bringing such needed alternative form of Natural Gas which enhances the livelihood of the residents in rural areas. This creates a competitive solution to the high prices of Diesel while simultaneously eliminating the pollution issues from the heavy duty transport sector,” said Dr. Gonzales.  Another topic of discussion during the meeting was a national LNG Peak-Shaving plan, which can offset any natural gas pipeline interruptions to all the major cities in Colombia.

We thank our investors for their continued support. An IAHL shareholder link will soon be established on with stock information in conjunction with future press releases. We are evaluating two higher level exchanges at this time in preparation for future uplist.

This press release does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale. This press release contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.


IAHL Finalizes Stock Swap Agreement

Source: Altenesol, LLC
Date: March 15, 2012 09:30 ET
ORLANDO, Fla., March 15, 2012 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IAHL Corporation (Pink Sheets:IAHL)
Altenesol (Alternative Energy Solutions) LLC has completed the stock swap and is now a subsidiary of IAHL. This is the first of several upcoming press releases. Altenesol is an alternative energy company established in 2009 specializing in the Natural Gas (NG) sector with offices in Orlando, Florida and Medellin, Colombia. IAHL is a holding company with subsidiary companies including; ALTENESOL, LLC in the USA, and ALTENESOL COLOMBIA S.A.S. in Colombia. Nelson De La Nuez is the CEO and Chairman of the Board of Directors and has established business connections with some of the world’s largest natural gas and oil producers.  Altenesol is developing a first of its kind 180 Thousand Gallons per Day (GPD) Liquid Natural Gas (LNG) Plant in Colombia which is estimated to start construction by 2012. Initial gross profit expectations from just the 180 thousand gallon production level are estimated in excess of 30 million dollars per year. A Front End Engineering and Design Study (FEED Study) is being conducted by a global leader in the Cryogenic industry for this project. Altenesol has already pre-sold 100 percent of the LNG production from the plant with some of Colombia’s largest distributers. “We are excited at the tremendous growth potential Colombia offers both our company and the value we can bring to our shareholders evidenced by the numerous projects we have slated to bring to the market,” said Nelson De La Nuez. 

Altenesol met with the Minister of Mines and Energy of Colombia, Dr. Mauricio Cardenas Santamaria, in Bogota, on November 16, 2011. Nelson De La Nuez presented the Minister with the facts pertaining to the LNG project we are developing in Colombia. “This is a great project which shall benefit the people of Colombia in the transportation arena as well as creating the field for implementing an incentive program to promote the use of LNG which could help to eliminate current Diesel subsidies,” said Dr. Mauricio Cardenas Santamaria.

In anticipation to getting this project listed with the US officials, Nelson De La Nuez has met several times with the office of the Commercial Consul of the United Stated Embassy in Bogota, Colombia. Mr. Julio Carbo expressed great support to the development of this project by an American Company which comes at a great moment when the Free Trade Agreement (FTA) has been signed between Colombia, Panama, South Korea and the USA. “We are here to support promoting American technologies and products as well as protecting American intellectual properties,” said Mr. Julio Carbo in a meeting with Altenesol in November, 2011.

Altenesol’s intellectual property can guide the design architecture, management and engineering flow of both LNG and CNG plants as well as a proprietary gas capture design from existing oil wells to prevent flaring in remote locations and turn a lost asset into profitable revenue for the oil producers. This technology has attracted world renowned oil conglomerate PEMEX which is planning on utilizing this process on 20 Macroperas after the final contract is signed through our partner company OCTOPUS in Mexico.

A Macropera is a collection of 5 to 15 wells within a defined distance and each Macropera produces some 2 MMSCFD of associated gases which shall be recovered and utilized rather than flaring them into the atmosphere. This 20 Macroperas contract alone will yield Altenesol an estimated net profit of approximately 3 million dollars. PEMEX has over 6000 of these wells and has plans to expand another 17,000 wells over the next 20 years. Altenesol’s Patent pending process can be utilized for these wells. “The potential for growth in this market is not limited to PEMEX our process can be applied globally although the obvious size to which we can grow in the PEMEX market is huge,” said Nelson De La Nuez.

Our rapid growth has procured numerous projects which is why we have gone public and have attracted investors/companies to bring capital to those ventures. The payment back to the investors/companies will be dependent on the amount invested yielded by the cash flow of each Plant and/or a percentage of that particular project they get involved with. Therefore the funding of these projects will not influence or change our share structure in any way as we have future plans of moving to a larger exchange. No dilution or share structure changes to IAHL have occurred from the time we began negotiating the configuration of these entities.

We appreciate the patience and support of our shareholders as we update the markets with our current company information. Peter Van Dyke enabled a smooth transition of the new ownership of IAHL as he is pursuing his own projects and we wish him well. For a better understanding of Altenesol, feel free to visit our website at

This press release does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale. This press release contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.


IAHL Enters Into Merger Agreement

Source: Altenesol, LLC
Date: March 30, 2011 17:17 ET
MIAMI, March 30, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IAHL Corporation (Pink Sheets:IAHL) has entered into a binding merger contract with an Alternative Energy Company. Terms and conditions have been agreed to and are fully in place to execute. No change in share structure will be needed to finalize merger, or after merger is complete. They have contracts and letters of intent with multiple companies in several countries with some of those being of Fortune 500 status. IAHL has been looking to diversify its business philosophy into other areas such as alternative energy and this fits perfectly! This will bring immediate value and exposure to our shareholders with this dynamic and fast growing company which is able to take advantage of its global industry through specialized, one-of-a-kind concepts. Both sets of attorneys are working diligently to finalize this merger. After everything is completed we will introduce the company and its management team to our shareholders. 

Our deep commitment to our shareholders will continue through this long journey that we all have endured. We are finally nearing the end of the tunnel and the light is very bright! With all the stigma of the media and freedom of press, we have been very careful throughout the years not to disseminate unauthorized information. There have been many times we have wanted to update shareholders on our progress but decided it was only in its best interest to release hard, factual data, and nothing speculative. The new website is already underway to allow shareholders the transparency of our latest developments. We thank all investors for their patience as these objectives move forward.

This press release does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale. This press release contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.


IAHL Readies for Expansion

Source: Altenesol, LLC
Date: February 09, 2011 14:13 ET
MIAMI, Feb. 9, 2011 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — IAHL (Pink Sheets:IAHL) has diligently moved into a position to finalize its current objectives elevating both company and its shareholders value. We continue working with our private investor group (as outlined in our last press release) who is a conglomerate with offices in United States, Latin America and Singapore. They have been funding the travel and attorney expenses in moving this to completion and will be part of our integral success. We have been pursuing certain assets in line with our business model. 

They have engaged an accomplished CEO from outside their company who in the past has operated and sold multi-million dollar corporations in Europe and here in the United States. He has personally orchestrated a developmental product from vision to production twice in the past eventually selling both companies to a much larger corporation. He has been and is currently negotiating with past business partners in China, England and the United States to finalize a significant merger/acquisition candidate, expanding IAHL’s portfolio into a more diversified company. His financial background and political associations are extremely noteworthy to aid in the “Stock Arena” as that phase of IAHL moves forward. IAHL’s management team is working closely with him to expedite everything as quickly as possible but more importantly ensure success instead of any unforeseen obstacles ahead of us.

It is important for shareholders to note that the company has not sold any stock into this rise or increased or altered our share structure as our goal is to bring real value to our shareholders. We want to thank the many loyal and patient holders of our stock and soon hope to bring them what we all have been waiting for.

Due to the extreme critical and sensitive nature of this project nearing final announcement, all names are being kept strictly confidential to reduce any breech of non-disclosure or diluted facts that could delay our future proceedings prior to any upcoming assets moving into IAHL. After merger/ acquisitions have been consummated, all verifiable and tangible names will be publically released. This will be appropriately dispersed to the public in the upcoming Press Release which we will have out within this quarter, along with an investor relation contact point. We are confident that once completed and released, shareholders will have tremendous value in their investment …we thank you for your patience.

This press release does not constitute an offer of any securities for sale. This press release contains certain forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.