The Alternative Energy industry has been embraced by the environmental industry and it is growing at an unprecedented pace worldwide.  The environmental industry is an evolving sector comprised of companies and organizations that provide environmental technologies, goods and services which reduce human health risks and ecological damage, improve eco-efficiencies and cost-effectiveness in processes, and address environmental issues and problems.

In total, the Alternative Energy Industry is being viewed as the bridge between the Conventional Energy Industry and the Renewable Energy Industry.  This bridge is estimated to last for the next 30 to 40 years; hence the Renewable Energy Industry is lagging in the development of affordable, efficient and reliable energy products.

Altenesol was created in 2009 by Nelson De La Nuez, as a private entity on the basis of a new paradigm focusing on green projects as they relate to alternative energy solutions with the objective to provide our clients with the best possible solutions in the alternative energy arena while providing relentless customer satisfaction with safety and quality services.  The company is operated under a “C” corporation status with board members comprised of Nelson De La Nuez, Curt A. Ruzicka, John R. Carver, and Thiaga Ramesh.

Altenesol provides a wide array of alternative energy services to its market which includes:

1)     Capture, cleaning, compressing & transporting of associated gases in remote locations.

2)     LNG production, transportation and re-gasification.

3)     Alternative Energy Engineering Consultation and sales of LNG/LCNG & NGV Equipment.

4)     NGV Stations (CNG, LNG & LCNG) and Vehicle Conversions (CNG, LNG).

At the moment Altenesol is developing a Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) project in Colombia, which is unprecedented in the history of the country, as this will be the first LNG plant in Colombia and will significantly improve the quality of life for the population of the regions away from the NG pipeline by providing them with a much cleaner and economical alternative fuel.  The plant will produce 180,000 gallons per day (GPD) of LNG which has already been committed to distributors via Letters of Intents (LOI’s).  A comprehensive FEED Study is being developed by multiple third party companies with high level of expertise on the matter.

Colombia has a vast amount of Natural Gas (NG) resources throughout the country; however the pipeline infrastructure only reaches most of the important cities leaving out many municipalities which rely on NG via CNG bulk transportation at the cost of complex and costly logistics which contribute to the high prices of this cheap alternative fuel.

The contract for the NG supply from the gas producer (a reliable and reputable company) encompasses 17 MMSCFD (million square cubic feet/day) Take-or-Pay for a period of 15 years; of which 15 MMSCFD is for LNG production and 2 MMSCFD is for onsite power generation.

All related Permits, Norms and Regulations for this project are on the way with the backup from the Ministry of Mines and Energy of Colombia as well as the US Embassy’s commercial development Consulate in Bogota.  Our base of operation in Colombia is in Medellin where we have incorporated under Altenesol Colombia, S.A.S.

Our commitment in Colombia is to promote the use of LNG to compete with LPG, Diesel, Gasoline and CNG while opening the doors to immense opportunities for the creation of new markets in the trucking and mass transportation sectors with the support from the Ministry of Mines and Energy as Colombia actually is spending over $2.5 MMUSD per day in diesel subsidies only.